A Mother's Vacation Experience, One You Won't See on Social Media

Again....everyone is alive and well... However, let me share a little of my last few days. But before I do that, I am so greatful and thankful for my hubby and my kids (bio, bonus, and soon to be adopted). I am so glad we have the ability and means to go out to see one of our grown daughters on the Central coast of California for a extended weekend vacation. Now that you know that, you will get a raw dose of my reality. We, 6 kids and 2 adults squeezed into our SUV and buckled up for the 9-11 hour drive. Keep in mind, this is 4 teenage boys, a 5 year old boy and 1 seven year old girl. The drive was pretty good but do you realize with this many humans someone ALWAYS has to pee? We arrived safely and ended up taking closer to 11 hours to get there. The first night I became well aware of the difference in my 20-some parenting and my 40 year old parenting. Little man woke up with the horendous seal barking cough. When this happened in my younger years of parenting I quickly and nervously wrapped Wes up and drive him to the ER where we would wait several hous to be seen and ultimately discover the cough had stopped due to the cool, moist air. What does my 40-year old self do? I rub Breath vapor rub stick on his chest and take him outside. We had to do this several times throughout the night. Do you feel how tiring this is as an older mother with a million other kids to feed and entertain on vacation the next day? The next night i gave him an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory along with the vapor rub. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I have narcolepsy and i forgot my daytime meds,to stay awake, at home. Zzzz. I spoke with a pharmacist that day. He recommended ephedrine. It worked so good that the kids slept well that night but i laid there like this 👁👁 until 1am or so. The next day I felt feverish and had a sore throat after a day at the beach. My hubby let me nap while he showered the kids and cleaned up everything from the day at the beach. Have I told you that he is heaven sent and everything I need?!?! Well, he is. The last evening we discovered the maids must have inadvertently thrown away the syringe to withdraw my liquid narcolepsy sleeping medicine i have to mix up every-single-night. I had no way to get the medicine out. Without this med, I have severe insomnia and will not fall asleep. We search and search for the syringe. When we can't find it, I realize i will have to pry the despenser off. In my moment of brilliance, I used the car key. Yeah, never.....EVER a good idea. The key broke. It is a chipped programmable key. More on this in a moment. Moving forward to our last night I hear a little girl whimpering. I thought she was having a nightmare so i bent down to gently and quietly comfort her and tell her "everything is ok, you are just dreaming". She proceeds to inform me that her stomach is hurting. Efff, me....noooooo! I grab the pepto tabs and bring her one. (Yes, I was prepared) But....it was the WRONG MOVE KELLI! I get back to her just in time to witness her throwing up all over the white hotel comforter, her hand, and on my hand. I was temorarily paralysed. My mind and body could not agree on what to do next, grab her and run for the toilet or grab a trash can????? Needless to say, towels were thrown over puke again to wait until morning. The broken key story was just a minpr inconvenience and moderate expense. My smart, charming hubby called the dealership, walked over and had a new key made. Have I mentioned how patient he is? Not pne time did he yell. As I write this we are in the car still 4 hours to come. The moral of this story? I am not sure but I do know I need a vacation from my vacation and am seriously contemplating never going on a family trip ever again.....well at least until I recover and forget this experience.