We Got Married!

On January 6th, 2018 I got to marry an amazing man, Stewart. There has been so much excitement since, I can't wait to tell you all about it. I went from two children to nine in the last two months!

Life can be so amazing if you let it.

We had a very intimate wedding in our own backyard with few family and friends. It was exactly what we wanted and had envisioned. Our children were able to be a part of the ceremony that was performed by a friend. Another close friend took our beautiful photographs.

Stewart, my amazing husband, has five birth children. I have two. We now also have our great niece and nephew with us that we are hoping to adopt in the next year. Before the wedding, my nephew kept saying "We are all getting married!". He could not wait until the ceremony so that we could all be married.

Isn't it crazy how life can be so dark, sad, lonely, painful at times? Just a few years ago I did not see much future for my life. I was so sick that I never imagined that my life could be so amazing. If you are in dark times, know it is not permanent. There is a light, you just don't see it yet.

Is our life perfect? No!

Sometimes it is so chaotic. In fact, I broke my foot just one week ago. My niece had her tonsils out a few weeks ago and had to return due to some bleeding issues. We had a lice scare, pink eye, and a little boy with double ear infections. We also have four boys that are teenagers and all in sports. And, my hubby has been travelling, a lot, for work! I could sit around and complain about my burdens but instead, I CHOOSE JOY! I choose to be grateful and choose to focus on my many blessing instead of the burdens.

Our perspectives are our realities!

What we focus on we magnify!

So here goes...

A few things I am grateful for:

  • my children

  • my husband

  • our beautiful home

  • financial means to pay bills

  • the health of my family

  • my healing body

  • my fur babies

  • friends

  • family

  • my warm bed

  • western medicine

  • alternative medicine

  • spirituality

  • yoga

  • walking boot vs crutches

  • my car

  • our ability to have our kids in sports

  • church

  • the safety of our community

  • love

  • healing

  • meditation

  • the internet

  • passion

  • abilty to travel

  • naps

  • my gift of speaking and writing

  • much, much, more

What do you have to be grateful for in your life? I want to hear from you!

I plan to share with you, over the next several blogs, how I found joy and health again.

Just yesterday I was given an opportunity to speak on "Enjoying the Journey While Living the Gospel" for a group of christian woman at their annual conference. I can't wait to share with you what I taught them. Until then, start paying attention to where you are allowing your thoughts to be focused.

Kelli Adkins, RN