The Perfectly Imperfect Life

I am a bio/bonus/foster/adopt mom trying to raise productive future adults while keeping my marriage, health and happiness a priority.  I am on this mission to inspire others to do the same.  To often we put off striving for these things and plan to work toward them at some fictional later date or after some accomplishment.  Then we find ourself stressed, sad, and on the brink of a health crisis or divorce.

I have already had the major health crisis and have been divorced.  I was born with several birth defects such as Chiari Malformation, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, tethered cord, craniocervical instability and narcolepsy.  On top of all of that, I have survived sexual abuse and domestic violence.  But guess what?  I survived it all!   

Without all of that darkness, I could not recognize the light now in my life.

What if Instead of waiting until the breaking point, we learn together how to enjoy this crazy journey along the way?

My life has been and, is sometimes still, messy.  There are many hats I wear.  they  from a mom and a wife, a Christian, nurse, personal growth junkie, podcast host, and a two time best-selling author.

If you are intrigued, I would love you to join our tribe on social media, by subscribing to my blog and/or by listening to my podcast.  You will be the first to laugh at me....I mean you will be the first to laugh and cry with me as I share this amazing journey.  I will do my best to love on you and your perfectly imperfect life.